Caribbean: Nature's Little Secret

A luxury yacht charter is irrefutably a remarkable approach to explore the Caribbean Sea, known as the winter charter playground in the world. Yet, there are enough tropical isles for all seasons. From the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands, known as “nature's little secrets,” to the idyllic bays of the Grenadines towards the end of the binding chain of Caribbean islands, this journey is definitely a tryst to cherish for a lifetime. Its surrounding ocean, sugar sandy beaches and island lifestyle have come to symbolize paradise. Its resorts have elevated escaping the hustle of a modern life to an art form, so enjoy a peace of mind as you enjoy a new level of serenity and opulence.

  • Virgin Islands 17.916295, -64.666909
  • Leeward Islands 17.811422, -63.291663
  • Windward Islands 12.993216, -60.866849

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands proudly boast its aficionados for its sugary sandy beaches, calm blue waters, fabulous collections of untouched underwater coral beds, and of course authentic Caribbean rum! Your luxury yacht charter will meander through the brilliant allure of the exhilarating Jost Van Dyke, quaint Virgin Gorda and the invigorating Tortola islands. Rise early to snorkel while watching the sunrise right from the water’s surface, and break out your scuba gear to observe an array of vivid marine life. Vacationing in these exotic islands is no more a dream for people who cherish class and sophistication. Not only do you get to witness one of the top-10 holiday destinations of the world, but you get to breathe it too, in all its splendour.


Leeward Islands

The Caribbean Leeward Islands boast its towering volcanic islands such as Saba, and breathtaking islands with lush rainforests, such as Dominica and Guadeloupe. Historic monuments and ancient forts are dotted all over St. Kitts. Your private luxury yacht charter will explore the French islands of St. Martin, St. Barts and Martinique, all which quaintly mimic Cote d’Azur, with its boutiques, European fashions and seaside restaurants serving five-star cuisine. There are glittering casinos, golf courses, and water sports to keep busy on islands ranging from Aruba to the Dominican Republic. Luxury and opulence interlace with magnificent turquoise waters and stunning sunsets, all within arm’s reach of your superyacht.


Windward Islands

A crewed luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean would not be complete without a visit to the magnificent Windward Islands for a serene getaway like no other! These islands are located at the southern end of the Caribbean chain islands and are a befitting heaven for those elite-class yacht charter lovers who enjoy calm turquoise waters and pristine grainy shores. This island region includes the Antilles Islands of Martinique, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenadines and Grenada. This bespoken paradise is resplendent with lush, tropical and volcanic islands that exude a charm similar of that to the French Riviera. Impressive mountain chains, bounteous rainforests and countless sheltered bays ensure an apposite vacation for a lifetime experience.



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