The captain and crew is the soul and backbone of a private luxury yacht. We hire the best trained talent that understand the significance and value of efficient communication and sleek team-work.


We hold a amicable rapport with training companies that are train our crew members, no matter how long they have been in the maritime industry. The qualifications you will gain under our umbrella will comply with the all required international standards of certifications, including STCW and captain master licenses. We constantly communicate with you to advise the highest level of certifications you can obtain within your desired position.


Each crew member is equally valued, and thus our agents work hard to ensure that we efficiently handle employment services and crew documents and travel. From sorting out visas to pre-employment verification in accordance to MLC and flag regulations, we aim for our crew to feel at ease and in safe hands.


Once you are satisfied with your qualifications, it will be our pleasure to find a yacht and team that will be the right fit for you. From yoga instructors and masseuses to chefs, doctors and engineers, we are more than happy to find you your optimal position on any desired luxury vessel. Captains, as you run the yachts, we encourage and work with you to constantly to upgrade yourself to larger yachts and more fulfilling experiences.

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