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B&Y Yacht Charters International has been attending the annual Antigua Yacht Charter Show for the past 21 years. Two decades of attendance at this renowned Caribbean show, now in its 57th year, has refined the B&Y brand greatly. From gaining business connections through the various socials, dinners, and meetings on yachts, to finalizing management deals, the Antigua Yacht Show has embedded itself in the history of major yacht brokers throughout time. The journey of understanding the yachts that traverse through the Caribbean all year around involves getting personally acquainted with the crew, captains, and management teams. This, alongside the ability to inspect the yachts maintains the high standard of what we aim to offer our clients: a luxury yacht charter experience to remember.


B&Y’s first attendance over two decades ago offered a look into the Antigua Yacht Show world that would be unrecognizable in this technologically fueled 21st century. The largest yachts in the harbors did not surpass 120 feet, and most of the yachts in attendance boasted their sailing capabilities and engine powers. 4G was non-existent, let alone wi-fi. The charter process was not catalyzed by emails being sent rapidly back and forth, instead, the yachts were listed in magazines and phone calls would be made to find out about availability. Websites for the brokers in attendance were also scarce, and thus for B&Y Yacht Charters to roll in with a new savvy website with animation was, at the time, inspirational and prestigious.

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Now, in 2018, we revisit this show and maritime industry through the internet highway. This has influenced how brokers present themselves through websites and emails, or how charters are rapidly booked through a few clicks of a button. Most significantly, this technological thirst has driven the maritime industry to quadruple in the luxury charter market, pushing for more opulence, more comfort, and more tech savvy motor yachts. At the Antigua yacht show, even the smaller boats will have zero speed stabilizers or up to date entertainment systems. The largest yachts in the harbor will sit at 270 feet, most of which will boast their resplendent interiors, fit for royalty. The attention to details and yacht quality this year will elevate the Caribbean maritime industry to new heights of opulence.


Despite this rapid growth, the Antigua Yacht Show will still offer B&Y and all others in attendance the same warmth it offered 21 years ago. Familial energy and close connections exist between all those attending over the years, where business acquaintances turned into strong friendships. Antigua’s local community will spoil everyone by welcoming them with open arms, and providing great local feasts in the opening ceremony. Antigua’s rustic charm and cheery atmosphere will translate through the harbors as the yachts elegantly shine as pearls on the turquoise Caribbean waters.

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