Your superyacht is an investment worth cherishing and spoiling, but that takes a lot of time and effort, and that is where we step in. From accounting to bespoke safety management systems. From new builds and refits to sales, your precious yacht will be maintained with the highest quality of service and the most up to date industry know-how.


Our in-house maritime law team will ensure that the legal operations and local regulations of the vessel and crew are up to date and in trusted hands. We review and recommend appropriate legal contracts, as well as handling the insurance quotes, claims, and reviews. Your asset value protection is a part of our focus, where we ensure that all potential liabilities and risks remain at an all time low.


The captain and crew is the soul and backbone of your private luxury yacht, hence, we do our best in ensuring efficient communication and overall satisfaction. We hire the best trained talent, emphasizing the value of team-work. Our interpersonal and knowledgeable team advises and handles scheduling, training, salary and crew placement.


In your private yacht's free time, we ensure that all the shore-side services and supplies polish your precious asset to its highest quality and standard. Our administration expertly manages berth bookings, dry docking, local supply, provisioning assistance and regulate constant technical support. Additionally, our outstanding team also oversees international long haul transits and bunkering spaces according to your needs.


We pride ourselves in our client communication. Due to being globally situated, we are available at any time for any qualms or needs you may have. Our flexible schedule and malleable team will go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction. Your ultimate requirements regarding your luxury yacht will be held at its highest regard.

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