Dec 13 2018 7:46 AM


Known for its superfluous catering to luxury living, Dubai (UAE) has outdone itself yet again by filling a gap in the market with a floating supermarket. Carrefour, a conglomerate grocery store chain, equivalent to that of a Walmart (USA) or a Sainsbury's (UK), has produced a minimart that can recieve call orders and have your needed consumer goods at your luxury yacht's doorstep within minutes. Everyone from jet skiiers, parasailers, day yachting guests, and weekly luxury charter guests can all indulge in the aquamarket pod's services just by showing up at its window. 

Not only does the floating mart cater to its luxury yacht clients, but it also caters generously to the sea. Attached to the mart is a sea bin, with filters any debris and plastic deposited into the Arabian Gulf.  Once the bin is full, it deposited on shore, and thus the floating mart does its due diligence keeping Dubai's turquoise waters still crystal clear. For the safety for the employees on board, the floating minimart usually wraps up its services around sunset, allowing the daylight hours to have a completely satisfied clientelle. Unsurprisingly, ice cream has been the biggest seller, with general snacking items following suite. 

With the high success and reporting on this first floating mart of Dubai, and most likely the world, we are sure that there will be many more to come!

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