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MYBA & MEDYS Shows (Barcelona and Greece Yacht Show)

MYBA Charter Show (Barcelona)

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Gorgeous Barcelona will host the MYBA Charter Show, from 30th of April to the 3rd of May, 2019. The marina is the OneOcean Port Vell. The past year's event was successful with 53 luxury yachts, 96 exhibitors, and over 1,800 attendees. As always, other than featuring the most stunning builds and interiors, there will prizes offered for the annual chef's competition, including criterias such as 'meet and greet', 'tablescaping display', and of course, the resplendent food. Alongside the various networking abilities for everyone in the industry, these boat shows offer a chance for brokers, provisioners, yacht owners, and crew to understand one another's roles. The importance of seeing how every cog in the system work is exemplified by the bonds and deals made throughout these shows, with various luxury yachts constantly starring and being the hub for all it. 

MEDYS (Greece)

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Similarly, the Greek Yachting Association in Nafplion, Greece, holds the Mediterranean Yacht Show, also showcasing charter yachts, parties aboard those yachts (allowing guests to get to know each other and the crew), and a chefs’ competition. This happens just after the MYBA show, during the dates of 4th-8th May, 2019. The most recent MEDYS show was the most succesful yet, with over 107 character yachts, and 400 international yacht professionals. One of the largest events of its kind in the East Mediterranean, 2019 is expected to be even larger, with an expected 120 yachts! 

We'll have an updated post once the yachts attending for these shows are provided. For now, the growing industry is prevalent in the increasing number of yachts, and their sheer size - the yacht shows get more invigorating by the year. 

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