Dec 26 2016 5:44 AM


Motoryacht Serenity, the gorgeous 72 meter superyacht, is the first to obtain a permit to charter in UAE waters. With 30 crew to cater to up to 28 guests, SERENITY has found the perfect setting for her opulent style and decadent attitude. 

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Already a stopover hub for air travel, Dubai had first established itself as the perfect 'mid-travel' getaway. It was ideal to fly to Dubai for a luxurious getaway - filled with beachside parties, seven star hotels, and mouth watering internationl cuisine. Now, being a top destination for tourism, the UAE has flowered into a country that puts their expatriate and tourist communities first. Thanks to its ports, quick real estate development, and adaptable population, one can enjoy the concrete jungle for lunch, and then head over to the seclusion of the desert for dinner. Check out our luxury yacht charter itinerary for the UAE, including other areas in the Arabian Gulf.

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The daring and significance of motoryacht SERENITY's achievement with a UAE charter permit opens doors to the Eastern Waters. The UAE has realised the potential of the luxury yacht charter market, already investing millions to develop ports around UAE's coasts with the deadline of the year 2020, and being a top 10 location for superyacht shipyards. The UAE's maritime luxury travel will follow the footsteps of the more succesful and established air travel. Not only will the UAE flourish, but it will be the new gateway to yacht charter destinations to South East Asia, giving easy way to the Indian Ocean (Seychelles and Maldives), and countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. We send a wholehearted congratulations to SERENITY, excited for the many yachts that will rapidly follow in succession. The UAE, the masters of luxury and opulent vacation, are more than ready to extend their services to the sea. 

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