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When reporting on events that yachts are attending, almost all of them are regarding yacht shows around the world, Grand Prixs, or film festivals. It is often rare that we encounter a stunning superyacht included in an activity that speaks outside the general convention of yacht chartering and hosting for grand week-long events. Recently we noticed two yachts stepping out of their role to star in new opportunities that really speak to the true nature of a yacht - being able to host to its highest extent of opulence and care in a resplendent manner. Below we have two yachts that have rightly stolen the spotlight in the recent few months, with hopes that more superyachts take on new adventures such as these. 

Four Seasons Pop Down on board Kismet during Art Basel Miami

KISMET, the largest yacht currently in the commercial luxury yacht charter world, hosted a pop up called 'POP DOWN' by the four seasons hotel at the  Art Basel Miami Beach Fair. An installation by LA artist Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics, commissioned to create a unique piece, and he names it Glass Horizon. The piece contained holographic film strips expertly knotted by hand to a monofilament net and suspended to cables, morphed with the wind, mimicking the movement of shifting schools of silver fish or flocks of birds. The piece nearly touched the bow of KISMET, where anyone form the 83,000 attendees of the show could indugle in its luxury. Celebrities and locals form Miami alike celebrated art and unique designs on board KISMET, throughout all its decks, also adorned to match the theme of the Four Seasons installation. It is beneficial for KISMET's recognition to glow from more than just a Beyoncé & Jay Z charter, and to gain attention and traction on the movemtn of breaking boundaries on what it means to be a superyacht. 

Superyacht MIZU stars in ‘End Game’ music video alongside Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

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Taylor Swift's music video for her song, End Game, featuing Ed Sheeran and Future, starts in superyacht MIZU, sailing by the Miami coastline. Miami, chosen to open the song due to its opulent connection to superyachts,  shows Taylor living her superfluous lifestyle by sitting and enjoying a drink around the many decks of the bar, cutting to shots of her dancing on the sundeck (pictured below), and shots of sitting by the staircase with Future (pictured above). The video then carries on to other well known and expensive parts of the world (Tokyo, London, etc.) to signify that if she has made it to her 'end game' she has done it to this level of exuberance. It is a moment that superyachts get such an obvious and proud spotlight, that the most popular song artists in the world want to feature them. The music video got over 190.5 million views on YouTube - the exposure yacht Mizu got was phenomenal. The literal definition of what a luxury superyacht signifies is the financial 'end game' - making to an unimaginable level of affluence, appropriately posited by the video. 

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Superyachts stepping out of their everyday role of serving as just a vessel for luxury is monumental. They represent the height of opulence and elegance, thus, to participate in art and popular culture - to step out into the limelight in a way that shows the character of both the yacht itself, the industry, and the industry's population - is highly encouraged. 

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