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The yacht charter winter season falls from November to April, offering up an excellent five months of serenity and seclusion. As the Western Mediterranean slows down due to their winters, this allows some stunning locations around the world to open up with warmer temperatures for you. See below a list of locations that invite you in for upcoming winter yacht charters.


From popular destinations like St Thomas and the British Virgin Islands to the more secluded Windward Islands in the South, the Caribbean beckons you for a turquoise water adventure. This year we have two very exciting superyachts entering the Caribbean waters, a first time for both of them. The first stunning vessel is O’MEGA, allowing 30 lucky guests on board with 14 spacious cabins. She was refitted this year, bringing in new furniture, wood, carpeting, and a beauty salon! The second magnificent yacht is NAIA, with 8 cabins and 12 guests, she comes with a whopping 22 crew members on board for the ultimate personal care and attention. Both these yachts come with a fantastic range of water toys and an experienced crew. Traversing the Caribbean waters could not be more elegant and serene.

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Boasting its largest-in-the-world annual firework show, megamalls, manmade islands, and beach side resorts, Dubai is known to be the perfect yachting destination for an opulent time. Coast through the Arabian coastline taking in nature’s desert fjords, where scuba diving is abundant, and balancing that with the night thrills of the five-star service Dubai’s hospitality has to offer. Check out our sample itinerary here, or have a look at some stunning yachts that await you. TITANIA, a 73-meter superyacht with 20 crew, 12 guests, and 7 cabins offers light wooden floors and contemporary interiors for a modern yacht charter vacation. DXB, a yacht labeled after its home location, attracts you in with her marble interiors and resplendent wooden accents. With 10 guests in 5 cabins catered to by 7 crew members, luxury will constantly be at your fingertips.

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The options in South-East Asia are endless, from Singapore to Laos, Philippines to Indonesia, the maritime charter industry is slowly migrating towards South-East Asia for the winter. This is where turquoise waters combine with colorful cultures and mouth-watering food, with over 1000s of islands to visit! Find here SAVANNAH, a magnificent 83.5 meter motor yacht traversing the Indian Ocean and South-East Asian waters. 24 crew will welcome you aboard 6 cabins for 12 guests, alongside a well-equipped gym and water toy collection. Sail luxury yacht DUNIA BARU is not far behind in thrill, as she invites 14 guests in 7 cabins, with 18 crew members in attendance. Expert in the waters around Indonesia, she offers a yacht charter experience to always cherish.

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