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The exciting annual Cannes Film Festival is back this year on the dates of 14th to 25th May, 2019! The atmosphere of glamour and the essence of opulence exudes throughout the whole festival as some of the best names in entertainment, new talents, and globally renowned designers walk the red carpet. There is, however, a selection of special guests that also attends the festival, often bringing the resplendence and liveliness to the evenings. These special guests are the long line of luxury yachts that host some of the most well known names in the entertainment industry. The yachts hold fabulous parties for its guests as the opulence of the whole festival transcends down into the dockside. The million dollar yachts await you with some champagne and michelin starred canapés as you admire the art of film from the comfort of your sundeck. There are plenty of yachts booked out for the festival already, but B&Y Yacht Charters is proud to feature some the most reupted yachts shown below!

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Some of the most stunning yachts are ready for a luxury charter attendance at Cannes, including the following:

Luxury Charter Yacht CHAKRA: 86 meters | 12 guests | 21 cabins | 30 crew 

Luxury Charter Yacht FORCE BLUE: 63.3 meters | 12 guests | 6 cabins | 21 crew

Luxury Charter Yacht SEALYON: 61.8 meters | 12 guests | 6 cabins |16 crew

Luxury Charter Yacht SOY AMOR: 41.9 meters | 10 guests | 5 cabins | 9 crew

Luxury Charter Yacht CLICIA: 41.8 meters | 10 guests | 5 cabins | 9 crew

Luxury Charter Yacht ANTISAN: 33 meters | 11 guests | 5 cabins | 6 crew 

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The beauty of the French Riviera has always attracted some of the most influential names and impeccable superyachts to its coastline, and the Cannes Film Festival has added to its allure. Some of the most stunning yachts make their appearance and host parties for the festival's stars and general attendees. Alongside the fun offered by luxury charter yachts at night, the day festival itself deserves your attendance. It is in its 72nd season, and is known to be one of the world's most publicised events. The head hunters of the entertainment industry lurk around to find the best new talents, coming from any part of the world as the submissions are democratic and equally opportunistic. To be able to indulge in art throughout the day by the coast, and have that transition into a resplendent and glamorous evening is something that musn't be missed. Every attendance at the Cannes Film Festival is seen as marking yourself down as part of a significant episode in artistic western history. Who doesn't love art topped off with a bit of elegance and shine? Contact us through our inquire forms or email us directly at yachts@bnycharters.com to book your yacht for the festival. 

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