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Here we have France, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Corsica, Sardinia, Rome, Naples, Amalfi, Balearics, Sicily, Venice, Gibraltar, and Monaco. This busy yet extravagant region offers natural beauty, glamour, and style unlike any other. While the serene beaches provide sun-filled days of complete rejuvenation, the crystal clear waters render opportunities for some action-packed water sports. Then, there is a diverse array of culinary delights that will surely whet the appetite of food connoisseurs. With exquisite cuisine, abundant luxury, & impeccable personalized service available on board, a yacht charter vacation in the Western Mediterranean lets you soak in a world of opulence & extravagance!

  • Riviera 43.485063, 7.020891 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/western-mediterranean/riviera
  • Venice 45.437062, 12.331408 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/western-mediterranean/venice
  • Sardinia 39.974290, 9.060059 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/western-mediterranean/sardinia
  • Sicily 37.675355, 14.235097 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/western-mediterranean/sicily
  • Naples 40.855956, 14.265146 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/western-mediterranean/naples
  • Balearics - Spain 39.269246, 1.693584 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/western-mediterranean/spain


Exuding a distinctive rustic charm, the Riviera renders the ideal backdrop for a relaxed & re-invigorating yacht charter vacation! Shopaholics can lavish themselves with the season’s must-haves from international luxury designer brands. The warm climate, dramatic rocky coast, breathtaking seascapes, and the sumptuous Italian cuisine create the perfect platform for the ultimate yacht charter vacation with family & friends. With its many scenic, entertainment, and gastronomical attractions, this mesmerizing destination offers a million of heady possibilities for charterers to enjoy, revel, and feel enchanted!



As your luxury yacht charter sails through the famed Grand Canal, you may feel the thrill and excitement of watching your dream transforming into reality. Such is the aura of a super yacht vacation in Venice that it instantly stirs the soul and captivates the senses. The stunning views of splendid canals, the constant sounds of oars gently slapping the waters, and the beautiful sights of historical monuments, all from the comfort of a mega yacht, weaves lifetime memories in the minds of the charterer. Delve into a diverse variety of gastronomic delights. The fantastic port side cafes and boutiques offer delightful shopping and dining experiences to charter groups.



With almost 300 days of sunshine, Sardinia, alongside Corsica, is known as the jewel of the Western Mediterranean. It features rocky coastlines, glittering blue waters, ancient cliff-top towns, and lush greenery, this destination provides a refreshing summer retreat for charterers. Added with absolute privacy & luxury, world-class modern facilities, a myriad of pulse-quickening water sports, & a delightful array of signature dishes available on board, this is a destination that is not to be missed!



Sailing from the beautiful bays of Palermo, through the vibrant & chic island of Filicudi, the barren & rugged Vulcano island, to the shopping precinct of the fertile Salina, and black-sanded Stromoboli, the experiences in this archipelago are diverse. A super yacht charter vacation along these coastlines offer something for every mood, feel, taste, and preference. From nature-lovers to adventure junkies, history aficionados, shopaholics, or foodies, these islands impress everyone, and leave them with unforgettable memories of a unique yacht charter holiday.



The breeze, spectacular views, heavenly meals on board, and the sound of waves are the opulent moments experienced on a luxury yacht charter when in Naples. Sailing through the Bay of Naples, visit magnificent island of Ischia, where you can unwind in the thermal waters carved out on the Maronti Beach. Snorkel in the clear waters of Palmarola Island, lying halfway between Rome & Naples. Indulge in lazing on sun-drenched beaches, admiring baroque masterpieces, paying tribute at cathedrals, undertaking adventurous water sports, and shopping at chic boutiques to obtain the all rounded perfect luxury superyacht charter.


Balearics Spain

The word ‘Spain’ instantly conjures images of vibrant flamenco dancers, thriving post-midnight streets, savory Tapas, luscious Sangria, and of course, the diverse landscape. The Balearics entices travelers with its unique combination of the old and the new, picturesque settings, ancient monuments, lively harbors, bustling port side cafes, and the famous & colorful Spanish nightlife. Sailing along the alluring & glamorous islands of Spain & the Balearics on a super yacht charter is an entirely breathtaking experience that is bound to enchant you to a new level of cultural indulgence and opulence.



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