For those with an affinity for clear waters and opulence, then our private yacht charter ensures that your heart’s every desire is fulfilled. Sailing amidst pristine beaches, exciting cities and secluded islands, a mega yacht creates the ultimate ambiance for that splendid sojourn. Embark on a super yacht vacation with your friends & family, colleagues, or at events and immerse yourself in a holiday that you’re sure never to forget.

Our Step by Step Guide

For first time charterer, the process of chartering a yacht may sound intimidating. However, our expert team of B&Y Yacht charter professionals makes sure that the chartering procedure is as delightful as your vacation. Here are the fundamentals that will ensure your resplendent holiday:

1.    Collate your preferences before you get searching. We suggest knowing number of guests, your preferred price range, and maybe even if you wish to have a deck jacuzzi or an elevator on board.
2.    Our various destination pages will be a great aid in understanding which locations will suit the season in which you want to charter your luxury private yacht. We have created with great attention and detail plentiful sample itineraries for your exploration. Of course, you will receive a personalised itinerary once you’ve confirmed the charter with B&Y.
3.    Browse through our extensive yacht collection and select the yachts that meet your desired requirements. Feel free to compare your selected yachts to narrow down your choices.
4.    Either through the yacht page directly, or through our inquire forms, get in touch with us with your preferences. Our expert B&Y maritime team will get right on it and ensure that you get a reply within 24 hours. We recommend calling us directly on any of our 24/7 phone lines for immediate service.

5.    Once you have secured your perfect luxury yacht charter in the destination of your choice, we will send you the required paperwork, such as a client charter preference sheet and yacht charter agreement.
6.    Feel free to now get in touch with your yacht’s captain and chef on board to let them know about your desired itinerary and food preferences. Whatever your definition of a fulfilling holiday, our expert team of crew members ensures that you receive the best in class experience.
7.    Our charter adviser will also work closely with you regarding your special excursions or occasions, concierge services including limousine transfers, private jet booking, security guards and all other requirements needed for that perfect luxury getaway. You can even request having certain specialized members on board such as yoga instructors, masseuses, doctors or security services.
8.    Once all the T’s have been crossed and I’s been dotted, be welcomed on board your private luxury yacht charter by your dedicated captain and crew. Unwind and indulge on the serene tranquil waters as you enjoy your charter vacation. Your B&Y agent will still be in constant touch with you should you need any assistance.

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Destinations Exclusive Itineraries

For our elite clients, we recommend specific exclusive itineraries that offer you the secluded and regal experience of a private luxury charter. Enjoy our hand picked selection of destinations just for you!


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