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The annual Monaco Grand Prix sends a rush of excitement whenever its name is mentioned. The classic pictures, as depicted below, always shows a racing track with one side laced with some of the most opulent superyachts in the world. These yachts host invigorating and fun-filled parties and some of the biggest names in any industry you can name. It is undoubtable that yachts are a big part of the Monoca Grand Prix's exciting culture and atmosphere. They generate this side of elegance and resplendent that compliments the loud and exhorbitant hype around the races and its thrilled audiences. If a superyacht ever needs a spotlight, there is not better place than the classic Monaco Grand Prix. This year the dates fall on the 23rd to the 26th of May, following suite of the equally famous Cannes Film Festival

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The yacht bookings start early due to the popularity of the event, often as early as a year before the event. Charter clients aim to get the best seats in the house, trying to get the best location to dock their stunning superyacht as they sip on champagne in the generous warm weather and indulge in five star chef cuisine. B&Y Yachts is proud to advertise the following yachts, still up for charter for the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix event. Find the list of some of our favourites below:

Luxury Charter Yacht CHAKRA: 86 meters | 12 guests | 21 cabins | 30 crew 

Luxury Charter Yacht SOY AMOR: 41.9 meters | 10 guests | 5 cabins | 9 crew

Luxury Charter Yacht CLICIA: 41.8 meters | 10 guests | 5 cabins | 9 crew

Luxury Charter Yacht FATHOM: 45 meters | 10 guests | 5 cabins | 9 crew

Luxury Charter Yacht COSTA MAGNA: 44.5 meters | 10 guests | 5 cabins | 8 crew

Contact us through our inquire forms or email us directly at yachts@bnycharters.com to book your yacht for the festival. Invigorating thrill, bustling noises, and extravagant parties is what the Monaco Grand Prix is all about - what is better than enjoying all those things while on board one of the most luxurious vessels known to mankind?

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