Eastern Mediterranean


East Mediterranean

As a top-class yachting region of the West, the Eastern Mediterranean encompasses a seemingly broad range of territories. It includes the Adriatic Coast, harboring the awe inspiring Croatia, the scenic islands of Greece, Turkey's historic marvels such as Istanbul and Kusadasi, and the majestically pictorial Red Sea. It boasts some of the best geographical coasts and cultures in the world, with each country offering a significantly different experience than the next. The East Mediterranean is quite rightfully named as the "Gateway to the Western World". Private yacht journeys to the cities of Dubrovnik to a leisurely stroll in the heady lanes of Istanbul or Santorini, a luxury yacht charter holiday in these Mediterranean cities will make you come back for more exploration and sight-seeing for sure!

  • Greece 38.919406, 21.938575 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/east-mediterranean/greece
  • Turkey 39.019637, 34.123232 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/east-mediterranean/turkey
  • Croatia 45.254784, 14.832971 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/east-mediterranean/croatia
  • Red Sea 20.672607, 38.147991 http://bnycharters.governorsites.com/destinations/east-mediterranean/red-sea


A premium luxury charter in Greece will beguile you with its enchanting olden epoch, ancient history, breathtaking island towns, marvelous beaches, perfect sunny weather and fingerlicious food!! Its capital city of Athens boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site, rimmed with ancient accounts and relics like Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum. Greece has a long coastline of over 14,000km and over 1400 islands in its midst for you to explore either by sea or land. The three regions depicted below are equally mesmerizing and breathtaking for any B&Y luxury superyacht charter. It is the perfect destination for people who love sailing, indulging in friendly local cultures, refreshing foods, and breathtaking turquoise waters. Maritime Greece is the place to be in summer!



The Republic of Turkey is a fine illustration of the perfect blend of history, culture, topography and religion. This vast peninsula adjoins Asia and Europe and is surrounded on its three sides by pristine waters. The 4,400 miles of its coastline, makes gorgeous situates to witness and rejuvenate yourself, while on your luxury charter with 24X7 premium crew service! Sublime bays, carved with ancient tombs, high cliffs and sunken remnants of the ancient Greek & Roman civilizations make a perfect setting for an explorer’s rendezvous. Unwind in some of the most colourful and culturally thriving coastside towns, where turquoise waters and serenity await you in your private yacht experience.



Croatia has become one of the most sought after havens in the world for luxury motor yachting and sailing enthusiasts with its 1,778 kilometers of radiant shoreline and natural gems. Split, with its ancient castle walls, and Dubrovnik, the land of Game of Thrones, awaits you here. Croatia also boasts of Hvar, an ethereal island filled with friendly locals, bustling bars, and its annual Yacht Week. Hvar is a short sail away from Croatia’s famous blue cave, green cave, and pristine white pebble beaches. The country offers a stimulating blend of Central European and intriguingly orthodox cultures dotted around the coastline of turquoise waters. A beguiling mix of drop-dead gorgeous vistas, delectable food that mixes the Slavic, Italian and Central-European flavours with ancient town aromas and bustling fishing ports. B&Y Yachts aim to provide you a Croatia yacht charter experience that will be unmatched.


Red Sea

Boasting its nomidc ancient history and stunning natural beauty, the Red Sea, with its year round warm waters and pleasant coastal winds, is an ideal destination for your luxury yacht charter. Sharm-El-Sheikh resides here, inviting you in to explore the culture of egypt. Sudan’s peninsula also shares the Red Sea, embedded with spectacular diving spots by seaside towns and souks. Enjoy some shopping nearby, in Judah and its marketplaces, or sail deeper into the Red Sea to enjoy serenity and seclusion in its glory. The melting pot of cultures, colours, and luxury, interlaced with its nomadic history, will ensure a B&Y private yacht charter experience that aims impress.



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